Disney Discounts - Tips, Secrets, Savings - Save Money on Disney Vacations

Planning a Holiday to Walt Disney World, Disneyland?
Here are the top Money saving tips for your Disney Holiday!

1.    Use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner -
Most people go straight to saving money on drinks, snacks, and souvenirs while at Disney, 
but do not start with the big money items that can save you the most on your Disney holiday.  
How do you get the best Disney Discounts you ask?  

An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner will have access to the latest discounts at Disney World, Disneyland, a Disney Cruise, or any Disney Destination you want to enjoy. They can save you a great deal of time and money on your holiday vacation.
A good Authorized Disney Vacation Planner will not cost you anything. They are paid by Disney to help you plan your perfect Disney holiday vacation. Also find an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner that provides price monitoring. Price Monitoring can save you easily $1,000 on a week long Disney vacation holiday. With Price Monitoring your agent will monitor all the latest Disney deals and will automatically move your reservation to a better deal if one comes out. Your reservation and room will stay the same. The only thing that will change is your Disney holiday price will go down, or you might get dining for free, or other extras.
Again this costs you nothing when you book your Disney holiday with a good travel agency that is an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner.
2.    Use Free Disney Transportation from the airport to your Disney Resort.
Another very high expense is transportation.  A cab can cost you $50 or more from the 
Orlando International Airport to Walt Disney World. If you have a large family a shuttle
bus can add up fast. So don't pay for a cab to and from Disney World, use Disney’s Magical Express.
When you book a Disney Resort at Walt Disney World, Magical Express is included for Free.  
Not only is it free but you get off your flight and hop right on the bus.  You do not need 
to claim your luggage so you can easily get to the parks an hour or two sooner.  
Your luggage will arrive in your Disney resort room.
Also your transportation to and from your Disney resort to the parks, shopping, and Disney water 
parks is included. If you stay off of Disney Property you often have to pay for bus transportation
to the Disney parks and also the travel time can eat into your day.  Contact a Disney Travel Agent for all the details.

3. Save On Disney Park Tickets - Buy More than a three day Disney Park Ticket. Everyone thinks Disney Park Tickets are expensive and they can be if you are buying a one day ticket. If you are staying at a Disney Resort, add Disney park tickets to your package. To add a fourth Disney park day is just over $14, yes only $14 per person. Add a fifth day and drop your cost to just over ten bucks. This is the best way to save and get a discount on Disney park tickets.

Looking for a Disney Travel Agent? We recommend the folks at Pixie Vacations for planning and booking your Disney vacation.